Pathway Massage

Is a small company owned and operated by Angie Hastings in the Idaho, Boise area.

Angie: I graduated first in my class from the Denver School of Massage Therapy with a 4.0 GPA and knowledge of 16 different modalities, both eastern and western practices.  After graduation I sought out people who needed detail work and deep tissue therapy such as the athletic, injured and business clientele.  My goal was and always will be to make people's everyday lives a little easier by making their bodies work better!

Angie Hastings


About Massage with Idaho's Pathway Massage

Idaho-Massage-Therapy-Pathway-Massage_13.jpgMassage is a clinically effective therapy which relaxes muscles, easing and soothing your aches and pains to enhance function and promote relaxation and well-being. It restores balance to our body and being, thus helping to face life and all its challenges. Pathway Massage believes every body deserves a great customized massage for each individual need. We offer convenient flexible appointment times to fit your schedule with option of in-home appointments. Call to schedule an appointment today!

Customize Your Massage

Idaho-Massage-Therapy-Pathway-Massage_14.jpgAngie Hastings is experienced in 16 different modalities. You may choose from: Swedish Massage for overall body relaxation.Swedish (Deep tissue) massage to loosen stubborn knots that keep your muscles tied up and tense. Sports massage for pre and post events to help you perform at your personal best. Prenatal massage for those soon-to-be mothers, Reflexology utilizing the body’s natural reflexes to affect a change in the area you want, just by applying specific touches on the feet. And, many more Modalities are available. Best of all, every massage is customized to your specific desires, personal needs and time you want.