Types of Massage


Swedish The most common and basic type of massage. Preforming long gliding strokes, it is used to relax the muscles, drain lymph and improve overall circulation. The degree of pressure used is determined by the client; whether it be light, medium or deep.


Cranial Sacral CSF or spinal fluid runs in a steady flow from your cranium to your sacrum. This flow, which can be felt throughout the entire body, should be consistent and wavelike. However due to different stresses or injuries in life the flow often gets stuck or interrupted. Cranial Sacral therapy is an energy modality that uses different holds on the head, sacrum and even feet to help shift the different cranial plates, balance the CSF and restore the natural flow. 


Injury Whether you are preparing for surgery, after surgery or just trying to recover from an injury a massage can decrease the healing time and amount of scar tissue.  Injury massage works in the specific area of damage and surrounding areas to assist the body in the healing proses. Getting an early start on the scar tissue will help it lay down properly, decreasing the loss in range of motion and muscle hypertension.


Shiatsu An Eastern style that works the same energy meridians as acupressure. Shiatsu is usually practiced on a mat on the floor, with the client dressed in loose fitted clothing. This will release any blockages in meridian pathways as well as helps stretch out muscles.


Trigger Point A Trigger Point is most commonly known as a “knot”. This massage pin points and uses direct pressure to get these trigger points to release. Due to the deep pressure used, a full hour is needed to work in one area instead of the full body.


Russian Sports Following the path of the lymph system and using passive stretching, Russian Sports Massage helps any athlete.  It is a structured massage that helps move lymph, lower lactic acid in the muscle and increase range of motion.


Oil Wraps A fully body wrap using oils and heat to increase circulation, detox, and relax the full body.




Chair Massage Great for your office or event. It’s a great reward for your employees and even yourself!



Reflexology Using the foot as a road map to the body, reflexology can tap into different muscles, organs or even nerves. This modality utilizes the body’ natural reflexes to affect a change in the area you want, just by applying specific touches on the feet.


Acupressure The ancient Chinese believed that the body has pathways of energy, called meridians. The different aliments that our bodies have are due to a blockage in these meridians. Acupressure is the practice of using energy through a simple touch to unblock the meridians and open the gateways, allowing the energy to flow to the entire body.


Sports I do pre and post event, as well as, maintenance massages between events. All of these massages are geared to your specific goals and the areas you need to perform at your personal best.
Pre-event massage will help stimulate, increase circulation and prepare the muscles for the work they are about to do. Passive Stretching is included in the massage so this is usually done 30 mins before event.
Post-event massage relaxes, relieves cramps, increases lymph drainage to rid lactic acid and helps your body naturally come down from the heighten state you are in during the event. Stretching is also part of this massage to decrease the level of soreness experienced the next day.
Maintenance massage is used between events as you are training or in off season to keep the muscles healthy and maintained properly.


Structural Integration Comparable to Rolfing, Structural Integration focuses on the full structure of the body. It is a massage that uses deep pressure and generates large amounts of heat to break down tissue called Fascia that gets stuck, causing structural imbalances. Due to the deep pressure used, a full hour is needed to work in one area instead of the full body.


Hydrotherapy Any massage that includes the use of water in any of its forms, in both cold and heat. This includes ice massages, ice plunges, heat wraps and hot towels.



Salt Scrubs A salt or sugar and oil mix is applied to the entire body. This helps to exfoliate the skin, increase circulation, and move lymph.



Prenatal A great experience for the expectant mother. This massage is done using extra pillows and cushions for support. It’s the perfect way to relieve the extra pains and soreness that comes from pregnancy.